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Z-Wave Radio To-Go

If you're looking for a static controller packed with the latest technology for your Z-Wave network, this is it. Take advantage of the latest commands and the new S2 security protocol to make sure your smart home is future and hacker-proof.

Whether you're planning to use it with a dedicated PC, laptop, or a Raspberry Pi, the S2 stick will provide the same level of dependable performance. Extended range of up to 130 feet indoors and the Z-Wave Plus 500 chip make a solid base for your home automation system.

S2 stick

How It Works

You'll need a home automation software and a computer to host it. Once you plug the S2 Stick through a standard USB port USB port in your PC, Mac, or Raspberry Pi, your smart home will start speaking Z-Wave - the most popular language for home automation devices. You'll be able to control, monitor, and schedule scenes or rules for over 200 Z-Wave devices within a single network. All of it will run locally unless you decide to move your smart home to the cloud to add remote access.

The S2 Stick will work out of the box with the most popular operating systems. It also has a LED indicator to display when communication is in progress and make troubleshooting easier.


Superior range and local processing for a private network.


Works great on Mac OS, Linux, and Windows. No drivers needed.


Equipped with the latest Z-Wave library with SmartStart support.


Enjoy Z-Wave Plus and S2 for less, the Zooz way.

zst10 security

S2 Security

The new security framework from Z-Wave makes it virtually impossible for anyone to get into to your smart home uninvited. It uses unique security keys and signal encryption to make your information and routines safe. This Z-Wave Stick fully supports both authenticated and unauthenticated S2 communication. It's also Smart Start ready so if your home automation software and devices all include the latest features, you'll be able to set them up without the hassle of dedicated pairing.

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software options

Software Options

The most popular open source smart home platforms include Home Assistant, OpenHAB, and Domoticz. Other widely used smart home software comes from HomeSeer, Axial Control, and Indigo (designed for Mac users). The S2 stick will work great with any of them.

You'll find the Z-Wave USB stick especially useful for device over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates. It's good for the Aeotec update tool, the HomeSeer Z-Flash, and any other software which requires a static controller. Click here to learn how to update your Zooz devices using the S2 stick.

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