Zooz 700 Series Z-Wave Plus On Off Toggle Switch ZEN73
Patented 3-Way & 4-Way
With our unique multi-point control wiring, you only replace the main switch with power, no add-ons needed.
Scene Control
Program a double tap to turn all of the lights in the kitchen from one place.
Smart Bulb Mode
Disable the relay and turn off your smart bulbs without cutting power to them.
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This product is covered under an extended 5-year warranty

5 Year Warranty

This switch is covered under warranty for 5 years. Just register your device to have it serviced or replaced if needed. Lifetime tech support included!

Zooz 700 Series Z-Wave Plus product

700 Series Chip

More range and faster communication make a better switch. 700 series devices are more responsive and keep your network healthy.

This plug is ETL certified

ETL Certified

This product complies with the North American safety standards. ETL, just like UL, is a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory.

This is an S2 security device

S2 Security

With SmartStart authentication, the switch can be included to your hub using its dedicated PIN code for hacker-proof security.

Simply Timeless

Keep the classic look of toggle switches while adding the latest technology to your lights. Wireless control through Z-Wave guarantees fast and reliable performance of your smart home.

This new 700 series version of our toggle style on/off wall switch comes with improved hardware and firmware. The chip upgrade means more wireless range but we also added a plastic cover for the antennae to reduce the impact of metal components on Z-Wave signal.

Installation and pairing got easier too with the SmartStart QR code inclusion. If your hub supports this feature, simply scan the code or enter the unique PIN to add your new switch with the highest level of security. Older hub without S2? No worries, Z-Wave is backwards compatible and extremely safe so this switch will perform beautifully for you as long as the system is Z-Wave certified.

Better Fit

Let’s talk about installation. Smart switches can be bulky and hard to mount in a crowded box. With the most recent redesigned we focused on making the set-up process more accessible.

The new 700 series model is only 1.16″ deep which allows you to put it in older shallow switch boxes. We also removed the heatsink tabs so it’s much easier to install a few of our switches side by side now.

You’ll receive clear industry leading wiring diagrams with the manual and will find more scenarios posted online. If you ever get stuck, our tech support team is here to help with any wiring questions. We do provide custom step-by-step instructions upon request as well.

More Features

The real advantage of Z-Wave switches over other smart technologies is in the customized experience. It allows you to do so much more beyond simple scheduling and on/off control.

You can decide how the switch behaves after a power outage, whether it restores the last status or turns the fixture off automatically. If you need to disable manual control to keep your smart bulbs powered at all times and just use your switch like a remote control to turn the connected bulbs on with wireless signal.

Program multi-tap triggers on the toggle and unlock streamlined control of lighting groups or scenes with a simple double-tap. Note that your hub needs to offer access to advanced parameters for this functionality to be supported.

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