Switches and Plugs

Smart Lighting

Discover the latest solutions from simple on/off plugs to advanced wall controls.

Scene Controllers and Remotes

Smarter Control

Most of our light switches can dub as remote controls with multi-tap triggers but we have a growing collection of devices offering the most intuitive way to control your connected products.

Smart Relays

More Control

You can turn most of your analog electrical controls into Z-Wave with the help of our smart relays.

Flood Protection

Prevent Water Damage

There are Z-Wave solutions that make it easier to act quickly and stop a leak before it causes thousands of dollars worth of damage.

Security Sensors and Sirens

Smart Security

Choose from devices made for custom DIY security to keep your home safer on your own terms.

Z-Wave Sticks and Hubs

Truly Yours

Keep your smart home to yourself with systems operating 100% locally with technology that prioritizes privacy and security.

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