Zooz 800 Series Z-Wave Long Range DC Signal Sensor Smoke and CO Smart Bridge
Smoke and CO Alerts
Connects to and translates emergency signals from your analog smoke alarms.
Simple Installation
Add just one of these to make your interconnected smoke alarm system smarter.
Optional 120 V Relay
Get more functionality out of this device with light or siren control.
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5 Year Warranty

This device is covered under extended 5-year warranty once registered. We'll service and replace it if anything happens. Lifetime tech support included.

800 Series Z-Wave LR

If your hub supports Z-Wave Long Range, you'll benefit from direct no-mesh communication. Z-Wave just got faster and even more reliable.

ETL Certified Device

ETL Certified

This product complies with the North American safety standards. ETL, just like UL, is a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory.

This Zooz device supports S2 Security

S2 Security

With SmartStart authentication, the DC signal sensor supports the highest level of Z-Wave security.

Smoke & CO Alerts

Turn your analog sensors into smart alert devices with this helpful Z-Wave bridge. You only need one DC Signal Sensor to make it happen.

As long as your existing installation features interconnected mains powered detectors, it will take just a few minutes to add Z-Wave to them. Wire the DC Signal Sensor to the last detector in series and include it to your hub. The device can tell a smoke and CO alert apart so as long as your Z-Wave system fully supports both types of notifications, you’ll know exactly what’s going on.

NOTE: The device is NOT a life-safety security product. Check your local regulations before installing.

Zooz DC Signal Sensor Z-Wave Alerts
Zooz DC Signal Sensor can control 120 V sirens and lights.

Relay Control

Maximize the value of your DC Contact Sensor by connecting the output relay to control a 120 V lights or siren for additional visual and audible alarms.

While the inputs of this smart device can detect smoke and CO signal, the output gives you remote and automated control of a high-voltage load of your choice. This can include an additional alarm siren that will go off when the detectors are triggered or color lights to help notify others of emergency with clear visual cues.

Z-Wave Innovation

This device is built on the latest 800 series Z-Wave chip and supports Z-Wave Long Range technology. What does that mean for you?

Once your Z-Wave hub implements Z-Wave Long Range too, you’ll be able to take advantage of the ultra-reliable no-mesh network. It means wireless range up to 1300 feet with no dropped messages and encrypted signal. Thanks to SmartStart QR code scanning, you can securely add the device to your system within just a few seconds. Enjoy a truly private, safe, and dependable smart home.

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