Zooz Z-Wave Long Range 0-10 V Dimmer
0-10 V Dimming
Full brightness control of your 0-10 V LED drivers, including panels and bulbs.
Shut-Off Mode
Avoid the common glowing effect thanks to a built-in shut-off relay.
Pigtail Installation
Wire the dimmer between your driver and wall switch hassle-free with handy pigtails.
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This plug is ETL certified

ETL Certified

This dimmer complies with the North American safety standards. ETL, just like UL, is a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory.

Zooz Z-Wave Long Range Device

Z-Wave Long Range

Extend the range of your device up to a mile if your hub supports the new Z-Wave Long Range network functionality.

Zooz OTA firmware updates

OTA Updates

Keep adding new features and get any bugs fixed with easy and convenient over-the-air firmware updates.

This product is covered under an extended 5-year warranty

5 Year Warranty

This device is covered under an extended 5-year warranty. Simply register your product to unlock this benefit and get more perks.

Set the right brightness

Control your 0-10 V LED fixtures fully with this compact dimmer module. Set a schedule for the lights to dim down automatically every night. Create custom rules based on occupancy or daylight.

Light automation ensures that the light level at your restaurant, warehouse, or office is always right. You no longer need to remember to flick the wall switch. The lights will dim themselves when needed and they’ll shut off for the night. Simply program the 0-10 V Dimmer in your Z-Wave hub and enjoy the freedom that comes with smart lighting in any space.

Remember that you’ll need a compatible Z-Wave controller to use this device.

Zooz 0-10 V Dimmer in commercial lighting


The 0-10 V Dimmer installs between your 0-10 V LED driver and a wall switch. It needs a 120 V power line and neutral so please make sure your wiring meets the requirements for a successful set-up.

The dimmer allows you to change the brightness level of the driver via Z-Wave as well as from the wall switch if you connect it to a momentary push-button switch (do NOT connect it to any existing wall dimmers).

You can also cut power to the LED driver completely in case it’s a 1-10 V driver that doesn’t turn the light off completely when dimmed down. This is thanks to a built-in relay in this smart module. Advanced settings also allow you to set minimum and maximum brightness levels as well as the ramp rate speed.

Z-Wave Innovation

The 0-10 V Dimmer features the Z-Wave Long Range technology. Your wireless coverage can go up to 1 mile for direct hub to device communication.

Your hub needs to support Z-Wave Long Range for you to get the full benefits of the extended signal strength and  incredible network stability. Even if your controller or home automation software doesn’t come with Long Range today, it can still support it in the future through a firmware update.

You also get signal encryption and fully authenticated S2 security with the 0-10 V Dimmer. SmartStart lets you add the device easily and with an extra layer of safety.

Z-Wave Long Range Technology