Zooz 800 series Z-Wave Plus range extender
Boost Your Network
Extend Z-Wave coverage for your mesh network devices.
Power Outage Alerts
If your Z-Wave hub supports advanced notifications, use this device for power outage reports.
Simple Set-Up
Just plug it into any receptacle and add the extender to your hub to expand the network.
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This products is built on the latest 800 Series Z-Wave chip

800 Series Chip

Expand your Z-Wave network with the latest generation chip for faster and more reliable connectivity.

Z-Wave Plus

This device will work as a signal repeater on any Z-Wave hub or system, even if it displays as unknown.

This product supports S2 security

S2 Security

Dedicated security keys backed by signal encryption keep your smart home safe.

This products is covered under a 5 year extended warranty

5 Year Warranty

This product comes with a 5-year extended warranty once registered. Tech support forever.

Extra Z-Wave Coverage

The Range Extender expands your network up to 400 feet. It helps the signal travel through thick walls and metal so you can finally reach more remote areas with your smart home products.

It also enhances connection for distant or older Z-Wave devices. We know how important it is to have your smart lock respond quickly and consistently. Anytime you’re seeing lags or offline messages, it’s probably a good idea to consider adding a signal repeater between the troublesome device and your hub.

This extender adapts to your home’s layout for stable Z-Wave connectivity. It’s as easy as plugging it into a receptacle and adding it to your hub. Don’t worry if the system doesn’t recognize the device or marks it as unsupported. As long as it adds to the network, it will start doing its work in the background to help signal get through.

Zooz Z-Wave Range Extender Boosts your Network
The Zooz Range Extender has a discreet and compact design

Get Even More

We like to make all of our devices multitask as much as possible. This way, you get the most value out of your smart home product. The extender is no different!

If there’s a power outage, the device’s built-in back-up battery allows it to send an alert to the hub. This is a very useful bonus feature that helps monitor for power issues in your home, something a standard smart plug is unable to assist with. 

The extender is built on the 800 series chip. It supports S2 SmartStart technology for enhanced network security and will repeat signal for all of the latest and older Z-Wave products thanks to backwards compatibility.

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