Z-Wave Long Range
Extend the network coverage up to a mile if your software supports Z-Wave LR.
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Choose the hardware and software platform for your smart home.
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Get the latest security features for a private and affordable smart home.
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This products is built on the latest 800 Series Z-Wave chip

800 Series Chip

Bring your network up to speed with better connectivity, quicker messages, and extra security. Update the stick to the latest firmware for access to new commands.

This product supports Z-Wave Long Range

Z-Wave Long Range

This USB stick is Long Range ready. As long as your home automation software supports Z-Wave Long Range, you can join LR devices faster from up to a mile distance.

This product supports S2 security

S2 Security

The new Z-Wave security framework uses unique security keys and signal encryption to keep your information and routines safe.

This products is covered under a 5 year extended warranty

5 Year Warranty

This product comes with a 5-year extended warranty once registered. You also get quick and friendly tech support 7 days a week.

Add Z-Wave Now

Connect to thousands of certified Z-Wave devices instantly with this simple USB radio stick. It’s a great way to discover the capabilities of Z-Wave.

Whether you’re building your own smart home set-up or collecting wireless sensor data for your research, this device allows you to add Z-Wave to your installation quickly. It’s equipped with the latest 800 series chip and ready for Z-Wave Long Range if your software supports it.

Get more out of your automation system thanks to the authenticated S2 security and SmartStart features that offer a protective layer to your set-up like no other wireless technology. 

Build a reliable smart home with Z-Wave.
How to use the Zooz 800 Long Range Z-Wave Plus USB Stick

How It Works

You’ll need a home automation software and a computer to host it. Once you plug the 800LR Stick through a standard USB port in your PC, Mac, or Raspberry Pi, your smart home will start speaking Z-Wave – the most popular language for home automation devices.

You’ll be able to control, monitor, and schedule scenes or rules for over 200 Z-Wave devices within a single network or up to 4000 in a Long Range network. All of it will run locally unless you decide to move your smart home to the cloud to add remote access.

The 800LR Stick will work out of the box with the most popular operating systems. It’s compatible with your favorite software like Home Assistant or HomeSeer.

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