Zooz 700 Series Z-Wave Plus Temperature | Humidity XS Sensor ZSE44
Track Temperature
Use detailed climate reports to control your smart thermostat more efficiently.
Monitor Humidity
Program your connected humidifier to turn on and off automatically based on real time readings.
Porch Ready
Install it outdoors with a dedicated bracket to program advanced rules based on current weather.
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700 Series Chip

With longer range, the reports come in quicker to your hub and the wireless communication in your mesh is even more reliable.

5 Year Warranty

This device will be serviced or replaced if it fails within the first 5 years. You also receive lifetime tech support with any purchase of Zooz product.

Coin Battery

The sensor uses a single CR2450 battery that's easy to replace if needed and allows for the discreet form factor of the device.

This Zooz device supports S2 Security


Simply scan the unique QR code inside of the sensor's cover to add it to your hub easily and securely. Just make sure that your system supports this feature.

Always Comfortable

Let your smart home keep you cozy throughout the day and at night. With the help of spot temperature sensors, you can feel warm enough or cool enough without even thinking about it.

The device sends live data from the room you’re in to your hub based on a time interval or change threshold, whichever works better for your needs. You can then use this extra data to control your smart thermostat more intentionally.

Activate your split AC unit on the way back home to get that pleasant cool feeling when you get in, without wasting any energy to keep the AC on while you’re away.

This is a 2-in-1 sensor and not all Z-Wave hubs are sophisticated enough to recognize this type of device. Please take a minute to review the compatibility list before purchasing the product.

Air Quality First

The humidity level around us is vital to our health and well being. We spend most of our time indoors so it’s worth investing in smart humidifiers or dehumidifiers.

Sometimes it’s as easy as putting your appliance on a Z-Wave plug, our Power Switch is perfect for that use. Activate your humidifier anytime the XS sensor reports humidity under 40% and keep the range up to 60% for best results.

Mid-range humidity reduces the risk of catching an infection (that dry air affects our respiratory tracts). It helps our eyes and skin maintain a healthy moisture balance. When our body is in good shape, we focus better too.

Get the most of your sensor by tailoring its advanced parameters to optimize performance and battery life.

Fits Anywhere

You don’t want any of the helpful smart home devices to be in your way. With the XS line of sensors, we focused on the hardware design as much as on the software features.

This sensor can easily blend into any interior with its minimal design. Stick it on the wall, place it behind furniture, or even inside of a cabinet. It comes with adhesive tape to easily mount the sensor on any clean flat surface.

If you plan installing the device outside, we recommend using the dedicated bracket (sold separately). It screws into the wall, offering a more permanent fixture. Remember that this isn’t a fully waterproof sensor so keep it away from direct sunlight and rain.

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