Zooz 700 Series Z-Wave Plus Titan Water Valve Actuator ZAC36
Prevent water damage
Close your water main automatically when a leak is detected.
Use it offline
The Titan comes with a wired water sensor probe.
Make it smarter
Activate the Titan with your Z-Wave leak sensors.
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This products is built on the latest 800 Series Z-Wave chip

700 Series Chip

Take advantage of faster Z-Wave with more range than ever. Update your device over the air to keep your tech up to date.

This product supports S2 security

S2 Security

The Titan actuator supports the highest level of S2 security with SmartStart, featuring a unique identifier for each device.

Ball Valves Only

Use this product on ball valves up to 1.25" only. Please check other installation requirements under specs below before purchasing.

Outdoor Installation

Use the Titan Water Valve Actuator outside. It's IP66 rated and can be safely operated in 14° – 122° F temperature range.

Crazy Strong

The Titan actuator can handle even the most stubborn valve, as long as it’s installed correctly.

You’ve been asking us for a reliable retrofit solution for ball valves for a while now. Most other devices out there are more difficult to install and simply not powerful enough to move the valve if requires a little more torque. The Titan was designed to move any ball valve up to 1.25″.

Watch the video to see just how strong the motor on the device is!

Quick Installation

It takes less than a minute to mount the Titan actuator over your ball valve. You don’t need any tools either!

Follow the instructions in the installation video carefully to properly mount the device. Don’t skip ahead and complete each step to prevent malfunction. You’ll need 3″ clearance from the valve center to each side on the pipe, at least 1.25″ clearance between the valve handle and the pipe,  and at least 1″ clearance between the pipe and the wall to mount the Titan successfully.

Always calibrate your valve actuator before adding it to your Z-Wave hub. The device will learn the start and stop point for your valve for reliable operation.

Accessories Included

You can use the Titan actuator as a standalone offline flood prevention system, thanks to the wired leak detector.

You don’t need a hub to monitor for water presence in the immediate area around the valve actuator. Just connect the included sensor probe and the actuator will close the valve automatically whenever a leak is detected. If you add the device to your hub, you’ll also get a notification from the wired probe when water is present.

The Titan actuator comes with a dedicated 12 V DC power supply with a 9-foot cable that’s rated for outdoor use as well.

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