Zooz Z-Wave Plus RGBW Dimmer ZEN31
RGBW Control
Add Z-Wave to RGB and RGBW 12/24 VDC LED strips.
Switch Control
Use your existing on/off or momentary wall switch to easily turn the LED strip on and off.
Animated Presets
Enable one of the built-in color programs for fun and creative lighting sequences.
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UL Certified

This product complies with the North American safety standards. UL is a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory.

Zooz 800 Series Z-Wave Plus product


Simply scan the QR code on the device to easily add to your S2 hub. This device has a unique PIN identifier for hacker-proof layer of security.

This is a Z-Wave signal repeater

Signal Repeater

The RGBW Dimmer acts as a Z-Wave range extender. It gives your mesh network the boost it needs for extra speed and reliability.

Quality & Value

This product is made in Europe from quality components to ensure perfect dimming performance. It's Z-Wave Plus certified following best practices for the protocol.

Smarter Control

Using a Z-Wave controller for your LED strips helps you keep your smart home private and local, without sending unnecessary data to the cloud of third party companies.

Connect the RGBW Dimmer to your 12 or 24 V DC LED strip and an appropriate power supply. Then add it to your hub and start automating around your daily routines and party nights. As always, double check if your Z-Wave system supports this device before purchasing.

This device will only work with simple LED strips that don’t feature any wireless capabilities or don’t have addressable LED’s or tunable white LED’s. You can use a single color LED strip with this controller, a 3-channel RGB strip, or a 4-channel RGBW LED strip.

Image by Tom Brouard from his kitchen lighting project featuring the RGBW Dimmer. Share yours via #ZoozHome!

Set the Mood

Multi-color lights have so many enjoyable applications, they’re often the most popular feature of a smart home.

Create soothing ambience with accent lighting installed on the walls or around the furniture of your living room and bedroom. Install the dimmer to control the undercabinet LED strip in your kitchen to activate it on motion, making dinner prep just a little easier.

Take entertaining beyond food and drink and welcome your guests with cool color animations around your porch. Trigger rainbow lights to take that unicorn party to the next level. Warm up the room with the fireplace color sequence in the winter.

The RGBW Dimmer also reports power use of the connected lights to help you track and manage energy based on actual data.

Tap For Color

While you can turn to your smart speaker to trigger the LED strips with voice if your hub supports this type of integration, there are other ways to easily control your RGBW lights off the cloud.

Connect the RGBW Dimmer to a momentary switch and program multi-tap triggers to easily trigger your favorite scenes or presets. You can also dim the lights from the switch in sequence: hold it down to add brightness, hold it down again to reduce brightness.

Our favorite way to interact with RGB lights is through a Z-Wave scene controller, like our ZEN32 model. All communication between the two devices is wireless so each button can be assigned to a different preset or group of devices. You could control a group of strips on multiple RGBW Dimmers with a single button.

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