Zooz 700 Series Z-Wave Plus Double Relay ZEN52
Double Control
Add Z-Wave to 2 120 V loads and turn them on or off independently from one device.
Keep Your Switches
Put the relay in a double gang box and automate both light switches saving space and money.
3-Way Compatible
This relay supports both single pole and multi-point control installations.
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This plug is ETL certified

ETL Listed

This device complies with the North American safety standards. ETL, just like UL, is a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory.

Zooz 800 Series Z-Wave Plus product

700 Series Chip

Since you're putting the relay inside the wall behind your switches or light fixture, you'll need all the extra Z-Wave range and reliability packed in the 700 series.

This product is covered under an extended 5-year warranty

5 Year Warranty

This product is covered under warranty for 5 years. All you need to do is register your purchase. Lifetime tech support is included as always.

This is a Z-Wave signal repeater

Z-Wave Certified

All Zooz devices undergo a thorough certification process that checks for both software and documentation compliance with the Z-Wave Plus protocol.

More Automation

We believe that you deserve the best value in every smart home device. If we can pack two devices into one, we’ll do it. Enjoy double control and extra features to take your home automation beyond the obvious use cases.

Install the relay behind the switches you had to tape over because they’re connected to smart bulbs. Simply disable manual control and start using your old wall switches again without cutting power to the bulbs.

Add a momentary switch to the relay and unlock multi-tap triggers. Double tap to control even more Z-Wave lights or activate your favorite smart lighting presets. 

More Control

This is a 120 V device that allows you to add Z-Wave to 2 different loads. The easiest example is automating 2 light switches in a dual gang box with just one relay. But there are more ways to use your Double Relay.

It’s small enough to fit behind the wall switches even in the crowded and shallow boxes. Keep the color and style of the switch you’re used to, whether it’s a stacked switch or two switches side by side. It accommodates both single pole and 3-way installations.

The relay comes in handy if you need to separate control of your fan motor and fan light that are now controlled by a single switch. Just put the relay in the canopy and wire the loads accordingly. You can then replace your wall switch with our Double Switch that can be programmed to activate the fan and light via Z-Wave.

Less Hassle

The Double Relay was designed as a short cut to quick and reliable Z-Wave control. You’re wiring one device instead of two. You’re also pairing one device with your hub instead of two.

Fitting a 1.5″ x 1.4″ relay in a double box is certainly an easier task than trying to put in two full-size smart switches in the same spot. Making connections with the attached pigtail wires is a snap compared to terminal installation that involves cutting and stripping each wire while fixing the screws tightly.

If your hub supports SmartStart, all you need to do is scan the unique QR code on the back of the device to add it to your network with the highest level of security. The relay’s multicolor LED indicator will help guide you through the set-up.

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