Zooz 700 Series Z-Wave Plus Dry Contact Relay ZEN51
Lighting Control
Add Z-Wave to your lights and keep your favorite switch, it installs behind it.
120 V Load Monitoring
Great to keep track of your sump pump or motion activated lights.
Fits Anywhere
Put it in the switch box or up at the light fixture if neutral is not available in the main box.
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This plug is ETL certified

ETL Certified

This device complies with the North American safety standards. ETL, just like UL, is a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory.

Zooz 700 Series Z-Wave Plus product

700 Series Chip

Give your mesh network a real boost with extended range and quicker signal processing. The relay acts as a repeater to all of your other Z-Wave devices.

This is an S2 security device

S2 Security

With SmartStart inclusion, pairing is more secure than ever. The device comes with a unique QR code and PIN to ensure it's authenticated if your hub supports S2.

This product is covered under an extended 5-year warranty

5 Year Warranty

This product is covered under warranty for 5 years. Make sure you register your relay and we'll service or replace it if anything happens.

How It Works

This is a 120 V 10 A on/off relay you can use in your lighting applications or to control any load within the device’s specs via Z-Wave. You can also add a mechanical on/off switch to it for parallel manual control.

The relay is perfect if you like your old toggle switches and don’t want to replace them with smart decora style wall switches. You can simply install the relay behind your existing on/off switch to make it smart. Just make sure it’s not a dimmer or an illuminated switch – only simple mechanical and momentary switches can be used with this device.

No neutral in the switch box? You can put this relay at the fixture where you’ll always find the neutral connection and still keep your wall switch in the set-up. Your hub will get an instant report if the light is turned on from the switch.

Flexible Installation

The relay works well in many different scenarios. It can switch a 120 V light or a dry contact load. It can monitor and report on/off status of your sump pump to the hub. And there’s more ways you can customize it.

Install the relay in a single pole or 3-way set-up. If you don’t have neutral in the switch box, just move it to the fixture, it will fit right in there. We provide wiring diagrams and step-by-step instructions forboth simple and complex applications.

The device is as small as it can get so you don’t have to worry about crowded boxes. Pigtail wires make it easier and faster to install compared to terminal screws. And when it’s time to add the relay to your hub, SmartStart ensures quick and secure pairing.

Smarter Control

Change how the relay behaves to meet your smart home needs. You’d be surprised to see the number of options this device offers for anything from the type of wired wall switch to the default recovery status after a power failure.

One of the most useful features of this device is the smart bulb mode. Disable the relay so that you never cut power to your smart bulb when toggling the wall switch. But at the same time, receive an on/off event when the switch is activated and trigger your smart lights with it through Z-Wave. It turns out, you don’t need to change your habits around a truly smart home.

If you replace a simple on/off switch with a momentary type, you’ll unlock the famous scene control capability. It allows you to program multi-tap triggers from the switch, much like buttons on a remote control. You can now double tap for all of your smart bulbs to turn blue or activate your favorite preset with a click.