Zooz 800 Series Z-Wave Long Range Wall Remote ZEN37 800LR
Z-Wave Remote
Activate scenes and connected devices with a single click.
4 Smart Buttons
Program each button with up to 6 different actions.
Install Anywhere
This remote fits a standard switch box or attaches directly to a wall.
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Zooz Z-Wave Long Range Device

800 Series Chip

This device is built on the latest technology. Get Z-Wave Long Range with ultra reliable no-mesh communication on a Z-Wave LR hub.

This is an S2 security device

S2 Security

Your smart home network is protected by the highest level of security with SmartStart authentication and S2 signal encryption.

Zooz OTA firmware updates

Firmware Updates

If your hub supports OTA firmware updates, you can expand the functionality of your remote control with firmware files published on the web.

This product is covered under an extended 5-year warranty

5 Year Warranty

This device is covered under an extended 5-year warranty once registered. We'll service and replace it if anything happens. It also comes with lifetime tech support!

Handy Z-Wave Control

When you don’t want to live on a schedule or ask a robot to turn your light on and hope for the best. When you just want the ambience to be perfect with a click of a button. A simple smart remote control will do the job. 

Program up to 28 scenes or actions with multi-tap triggers that include double clicking or holding the button of your choice. Use it for simple things like turning your smart bulb off when you leave the room. Activate more complex scenarios like locking the door, adjusting the temperature, and dimming your bathroom lights when you’re ready for bed. Make your life a little easier, one click at a time.

Remember to check if your Z-Wave hub supports scene controllers and remotes before purchasing this device. 

One tap smart remote control of your Z-Wave devices with the Zooz ZEN37 Wall Remote.
Install the Zooz Wall Remote in a switch box or stick it to a wall.

Fits Anywhere

Install your Wall Remote where you need it most. It’s truly wireless and includes helpful accessories to mount it just about anywhere.

The device itself is magnetic so you can keep it handy on your kitchen fridge. It comes with a matching base and wall plate to put it in a switch box, next to other decora controls. Or just stick it to any flat surface and enjoy a convenient remote control that looks great on your living room wall.

Smart Value

There are a few details that set this Z-Wave Wall Remote apart from other smart scene controllers.

It’s battery powered AND the battery is rechargeable with a USB C connection (cable included). You don’t have to worry about changing the battery, simply charge it when you get a low-battery alert in your smart home app.

The device comes with a stylish screwless wall plate for a touch of modern aesthetic. Thanks to the magnetic base you’ll find in the box, the Wall Remote stays mounted on any flat surface and can be easily removed if needed.

Zooz Wall Remote ZEN37 comes with rechargeable battery.
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