Zooz 700 Series Z-Wave Plus Tilt | Shock XS Sensor ZSE43
Tilt Sensor
Get reliable open / close reports for garage doors and gates.
Vibration Sensor
Monitor window or door glass from your Z-Wave hub to boost security.
Anticorrosive Coating
The device is covered with rubber oil for extra protection against corrosion, dust, and water.
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This Zooz device supports S2 Security

S2 Security

The sensor supports the highest level of Z-Wave security and comes with a unique identifier for SmartStart. Simply scan the QR code on the device for set-up.

700 Series Chip

Receive open / close reports faster thanks to the increased range of the 700 series Z-Wave technology.

This Zooz device supports OTA firmware updates

OTA Updates

You can update the firmware on the sensor via Z-Wave if your hub supports this functionality. It's the easiest way to make your device future-proof.

5 Year Warranty

This product is covered under warranty for 5 years. Our tech support team is here to help you tackle any issues with troubleshooting tips, just get in touch!

Safer Entry Points

Doors, windows, and garage gates are the most vulnerable entry points to your home. This sensor was designed to offer additional protection to all of them with fast wireless status reports.

Choose to use it as just a tilt sensor or a simple vibration detector and if needed, get both types of reports for the doors and windows you want to monitor. The tilt sensor can be programmed to send a notification if your garage is open. With the shock sensor functionality, you’ll be able to tell if the glass on your basement window has been broken or tampered with.

As always, a Z-Wave hub is required to use our smart security products. Please check the compatibility list below before purchasing the sensor to make sure your system supports it.

Modern Security

Enjoy hardware and software enhancements from the latest tech with this extra small unassuming smart sensor.

It’s just under 2″ tall and only 0.3″ thick, making it over 50% smaller than the other popular Z-Wave tilt sensors out there. Despite its size, the device has up to 50% more range and sends quicker reports thanks to the 700 series Z-Wave chip. 

It runs on a single CR2032 coin battery that’s easy and cheap to get once it’s time to replace it. And with a dedicated weatherproof case (sold separately), you can safely use this sensor outdoors without any extra protection.

DIY Smart Garage Opener

Use this sensor with our MultiRelay and create a fully automated garage door system. The sensor will keep you in the know by reporting open / close status of the gate while the relay allows you to control the opener remotely.

Connect up to 3 openers to the MultiRelay and activate them individually – that’s 3 gates made smarter with a single device. Put the Tilt | Shock sensor on each door to complete the set-up.

We even provide dedicated SmartApps for Hubitat and SmartThings to make the MultiRelay display in a more intuitive way for open / close control when paired with the tilt sensor. But if you have any questions or aren’t sure if these products are right for you, just reach out!

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