Zooz Z-Wave Plus Q Sensor ZSE11
4 Sensors In 1
Monitor motion, temperature, humidity, and brightness levels.
Flexible Mounting
Position the sensor accurately thanks to a discreet mounting bracket.
Quick Reports
The sensor will update your hub of any environmental change as soon as the reporting threshold is met.
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This Zooz device supports S2 Security

S2 Security

This sensor supports S2 security with encrypted signal for a safer smart home. It features SmartStart and comes with a unique PIN code identifier.

This Zooz device supports OTA firmware updates

OTA Updates

You have the ability to upgrade the firmware over-the-air for this device as long as your Z-Wave hub supports this functionality.

This Zooz device supports battery or USB power

USB or Battery Power

Choose whether you want your device to run on CR 123A batteries or on USB power supply. When paired with mains power, the sensor acts as a repeater.

This Zooz device supports advanced settings

Customize It

Set your own reporting thresholds and adjust the behavior of the sensor so that it works well for your unique scenario and space.

Security On Your Terms

Monitor your home or office via Z-Wave with this reliable motion detector. Set up text or email notifications to react quickly if unexpected activity is detected.

Set just the right sensitivity in the advanced parameters and just the right angle using the included mounting bracket. The device is yours to customize for reporting and detection behavior so you can optimize battery life and get the most of your smart home device.


Zooz Q Sensor, a reliable Z-Wave motion detector

Better Air

Monitor temperature and humidity to optimize climate control at home or at the office. Automation delivers a whole new level of comfort to your daily life.

Good air quality indoors is essential for our health and well-being. Connected devices, including the Q Sensor, help improve air circulation in the most efficient way possible.

Install the sensor in each room to get accurate data about the space that’s most important to you. Use it to trigger a humidifier in the nursery to help the little one sleep better. Turn on the split AC in the bedroom in time to make it cool enough for the night without even thinking about it.


Smarter Lighting

Make your smart lights ever smarter with automated rules beyond a simple timer. Use the Q sensor’s data points to create sophisticated lighting scenarios.

With motion alerts and lux level readings, you can program your connected light switches or smart bulbs to come on only when you’re in the room and it’s dark enough for artificial light to be present. 

Take it a step farther and add more conditions based of time of day or other appliances being active. Dim the lights late at night or when the TV is on. The sensor is a perfect companion to your smart lighting system, helping you build a truly intelligent ecosystem that works around your routine.

Automate smart lighting with the Zooz Q Sensor
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