Zooz 800 Series Z-Wave Long Range GPIO Module
Z-Wave for Raspberry Pi
Attach this module to your Pi or Home Assistant Yellow for instant access to Z-Wave.
Long Range Technology
Extend wireless range up to a mile for a fast responsive network.
More Security
Protect your system with the most secure smart home protocol.
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This products is built on the latest 800 Series Z-Wave chip

800 Series Chip

Take your network to the next level with enhanced connectivity, faster messaging, and added security.

This is a Z-Wave Long Range device

Z-Wave Long Range

This module is Long Range ready. As long as your home automation software supports Z-Wave Long Range, you can add LR devices faster within a mile of your hub.

This product supports S2 security

S2 Security

Keep your data and devices secure with the new Z-Wave SmartStart and S2 authenticated security.

This products is covered under a 5 year extended warranty

5 Year Warranty

When you register this product, you receive a 5-year extended warranty and access to friendly tech support 7 days per week.

Z-Wave Add-On

This small GPIO board connects your Raspberry Pi to Z-Wave certified devices. Discover the sense of security and convenience that come with home automation.

Are you building a DIY alarm system or collecting data from wireless sensors for a project? This GPIO module allows you to include Z-Wave technology in your setup quickly so you can deploy thousands of advanced IoT products successfully.

The 800 series chip ensures faster communication and more coverage with less energy use. This means your battery powered devices can go many more months without a battery change. And if your software and sensors support Z-Wave Long Range (the new direct device-to-hub network technology), you’ll extend the coverage up to a mile with even better performance results.

Zooz 800 Series Z-Wave Long Range GPIO Module for Home Assistant Yellow

How It Works

This GPIO module mounts directly on your Raspberry Pi or Home Assistant Yellow hardware. You’ll also need a home automation software of your choice to access the user interface of your smart home.

With Z-Wave, you have the power to manage and program scenes or automations for up to 200 devices in a single network. And if you need even more control, upgrade your smart home set up with Long Range technology that allows for up to 4000 nodes in the network. Keep it all local and private or add remote access for cloud connectivity if needed.

The 800LR GPIO module will work out of the box with Home Assistant Yellow and Z-Wave JS.

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