Zooz Z-Wave Plus MultiRelay ZEN16
3 Dry Contact Relays
Control any load up to 20 A, running on low-voltage or 240 V power.
So Many Applications
Automate garage doors, HVAC, commercial gates, pool pumps, landscape lighting, gas fireplace, and more.
Making It Easier
It's wall-mount ready and can be powered with a simple USB plug or 12-24 V DC/AC power source.
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Full Support

Clear wiring diagrams and custom instructions available from our US based tech support team.

This is a Z-Wave signal repeater

Z-Wave Plus

500 series chip with longer Z-Wave range help increase the speed and reliability of your mesh.

This plug is ETL certified

ETL Certified

Built according to North American safety standards for electrical devices.

This is an S2 security device

S2 Security

Make your network truly private and protected with encrypted signal.

Smart Garage Opener

Add Z-Wave to your garage door opener and control up to 3 doors with a single MultiRelay.

We created a custom SmartApp Hubitat so you can use the device as a true smart garage door controller. You’ll need Z-Wave door sensor to monitor the open/close status of your door. You can buy one together with the ZEN16 in a value kit sold at The Smartest House. If you’re using Vera, check out this handy tutorial on how to best use the MultiRelay to control your garage doors with your system.

With S2 Z-Wave security, this solution is a more reliable alternative to wifi that will keep you safe.

Smart Sprinkler System

Be smarter about watering your grass. Use the sprinkler system only when you really need to and go beyond simple scheduling.

Add a moisture sensor as a trigger or shut your sprinklers off when it starts raining. And our favorite: set off the sprinklers when motion is detected to scare away the deer or other intruders.

You can control up to 3 sprinkler zones independently with the MultiRelay to accomplish custom watering scenarios at low cost. We made sure there are dedicated SmartApps for SmartThings  and Hubitat to make this process easier too!

Your Story

One of our favorite customers turned an old soda machine to a voice activated smart beer dispenser with a few DIY hacks.

He used the dry contact relays in the ZEN16 to activate the vending cycle and the switch inputs to selectively use the buttons on the vending machine (no beer for the kids!). After including the MultiRelay to Hubitat, he used his Z-Wave hub to connect the ZEN16 to Alexa for some really inventive (and funny) voice control. Check out the full documentation and detailed write-up on Gnant’s Reddit post. Click below to see how you can really have fun with home automation!

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