Zooz 700 Series Z-Wave Plus Open | Close XS Sensor ZSE41
Door Monitoring
Get a notification to your phone from your Z-Wave hub when your front or back door is open.
Window Monitoring
Turn off the AC in your smart thermostat and get a text from the hub if the windows are left open.
Outdoor Ready
Get the dedicated weatherproof case (sold separately) to install the sensor outside.
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This Zooz device supports S2 Security

S2 Security

This sensor supports the highest level of Z-Wave security to keep your network and your home safe. SmartStart is featured for a quicker set-up.

700 Series Chip

Get a much faster and more reliable performance compared to the 500 series devices. With increased range, you need less repeaters in your mesh.

Protective Coating

The cover is treated with rubber oil that helps prevent corrosion and water damage.

5 Year Warranty

This device is covered under warranty for 5 years. Lifetime tech support is included with any purchase. Just reach out with any questions.

Simplified Security

Start building your own private security system with Z-Wave door / window sensors. Monitor the entry points yourself and decide when to take action.

Just mount the sensor on the front door, add it to your hub, and set up notifications or security sirens to go off whenever the system is armed. With a Z-Wave set-up, you’ll have more control and more flexibility when it comes to managing security equipment.

Before purchasing this device, please check the compatibility list below to make sure your Z-Wave controller supports smart sensors. This will help provide a smooth installation experience.

Smart Set-Up

This sensor was designed to make DIY security more approachable. From hardware to software, everything in this device caters to a safer and friendlier smart home.

It’s only 0.3″ thick and under 2″ tall, with a sleek form factor to help you mount the sensor anywhere. You can install it outdoors with the weatherproof case accessory to monitor your gates or even a mailbox! The adhesive mounting tape is included and you’ll also find the screws for an outdoor installation of the magnet if needed, right in the box.

You can place the magnet on either side of the sensor to accommodate any unique detection scenarios. The device runs on a popular CR2032 coin battery, making it easy and affordable to maintain.

Real Life Use

We love seeing all of the creative applications you find for our products. Here is one of the most informative videos covering a mailbox scenario.

Enjoy and learn from the content on Make It Work like we have! Their YouTube channel is full of amazing tips so make sure you subscribe, especially if you’re a Home Assistant user.

Looking for a step-by-step written tutorial rather than a video? They have many great resources on their website. You can read the full article on the mailbox set-up using our XS sensor here.

Let us know how you’re using Zooz products in your smart home. Just add #ZoozHome when sharing your pictures and videos on social media.

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