Zooz 700 Series Z-Wave Plus On Off Switch ZEN71
Smart Bulb Mode
Turn off manual control and turn on your smart bulbs via Z-Wave without cutting power to them.
Scene control
Program multi-tap triggers to activate groups of lights or individual devices for easier control.
Direct 3-Way
Wire it in single pole or 3-way set-ups with a regular switch in the other box, no add-on needed!
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Zooz 700 Series Z-Wave Plus product

700 Series Chip

Greater range with improved reliability makes this the perfect repeater for your Z-Wave mesh. And with the built-in signal test tool, you can diagnose issues quickly.

Zooz OTA firmware updates

Firmware Updates

This device supports over-the-air firmware updates so if your hub allows for OTA upgrades, you'll be able to add new features without getting a new switch!

This plug is ETL certified

ETL Certified

This product complies with the North American safety standards. ETL, just like UL, is a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory.

This product is covered under an extended 5-year warranty

5 Year Warranty

This device is covered under warranty for 5 years. We'll service and replace it if anything happens. You also get free access to tech support 7 days a week.

Fast & Simple

We don’t expect you to remember if you left that bathroom light on when you were leaving for work this morning. Once you add Z-Wave to your switches you’ll quickly forget you ever worried about the lights!

These Z-Wave Plus switches were made for reliable, instant light control. Monitor and command your lights to turn on or off from your smart home app. Schedule, trigger, and group your Z-Wave switches with other devices in the network to manage power more efficiently. Pair them with LED bulbs to further reduce energy use.

If your Z-Wave hub is integrated with Alexa or Google Home, just ask your speaker to turn on the light when your hands are full.

Smart Bulb Switch

Peel off the “DON’T TOUCH” sticker from the old wall switch connected to your favorite smart bulbs and replace it with a Z-Wave switch for intuitive control.

Remember that you’ll need to be able to access both your smart bulb and the Zooz switch from your hub to make them work together. You’ll need access to advanced settings to disable the relay on your switch and put it in the smart bulb mode.

Program single or double taps to trigger the most common presets and scenes with a click if your hub supports the central scene functionality.

You’ll also be able to control the smart bulbs if the switch is wired in a 3-way with a simple mechanical switch. It’s not always possible with other models so please make sure you choose the right one for your application.

Get More Out Of It

Your Z-Wave switches don’t just offer lighting control. They expand the range of your mesh network. They add a modern look to your home. And they’re yours to customize.

If your hub gives user access to advanced settings, you will be able to change how the LED indicator displays on the switch or decide how you want the switch to behave after power failure.

There are 4 different colors of the LED indicator to choose from now and 3 color replacement kits for the paddles so you can finally have a matching light almond smart switch for your living room.

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