Zooz 700 Series Z-Wave Plus Water Leak XS Sensor ZSE42
Flood Prevention
Receive an alert as soon as a leak is detected to help prevent water damage.
Easy Set-Up
Just place the sensor on any flat surface you want to monitor and add it to your hub.
OTA Firmware Updates
Your device is future-proof with the option to add and revise features through wireless updates.
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700 Series Chip

Stronger signal helps with more reliable Z-Wave communication from all parts of your home, including the laundry room or garage.

This Zooz device supports S2 Security


This device features the innovative S2 authenticated security. It's equipped with a unique QR code and PIN for easier and safer pairing.

Low Power

All it needs is a single CR2032 coin battery to send instant reports to your hub if a leak is detected.

5 Year Warranty

The sensor comes with a 5-year warranty and lifetime tech support. Our Z-Wave experts are here to help you 7 days a week.

Prevent Water Damage

A small leak can cost you thousands of dollars and countless sleepless nights. It’s easier than ever to be smart about potential flooding of your home or office. Turn technology into your peace of mind.

The Water Leak sensor will monitor the surface you place it on so it’s best to have them installed around the house. Start by putting one in the boiler room or in your bathroom. Ideally, you would like to have most surfaces covered for events in case the leak appears in the most unexpected place.

Program the device in your Z-Wave hub to receive text or email notifications as soon as a leak is reported. Add visual and audio alarms like security sirens to your automations for local alerts. Finally, pair your sensors with a smart water shut-off valve to minimize any damage.

Zooz Water Leak Sensor ZSE42

Extra Small

While talking to our customers, we learned that it was important to you for the smart home tech to stay out of sight. 

Whenever we design a new product now, we try to make it as discreet as possible. We were thrilled to see the response from our beta-testers who couldn’t believe how small this sensor was. It’s only 0.3″ thick and easy to fit under cabinets, appliances, and pipes.

Enjoy improved range with the new 700 series Z-Wave chip that allows for more reliable communication, even from the far corners of your home like the attic or garage. The device is sealed and can take a splash of water but it’s not completely waterproof. It cannot be submerged in water or used to monitor water presence in pools or aquariums.

Better Together

Complete the flood prevention system with a Z-Wave valve actuator that will shut the water off whenever a leak is detected.

Take a look at the detailed set-up video for our Titan valve actuator and the Water Leak Sensor on SmartThings. It shows you exactly how easy it is to create your own flood prevention system. Click below to buy both devices at a discount (note: SmartThings hub sold separately).

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