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Relay & Dimmer

Control more.


Set the perfect light to your room.


Automate fans, lighting, and switched outlets.

Scene Controller

Double tap to active any scenario or device.

Smart Bulb Switch

Truly wireless control without the power cut.

When to use ZEN 30

The Right Fit

When to use the Double Switch? With a very slim profile of just over 1 inch and pigtail connections, the device is a breeze to install in almost any switch box. It acts as a direct replacement for your existing stacked wall switch, whether it controls a fan and a light combo or two lighting fixtures.

You can also combine 2 single wall switches into one Double Switch and use the empty spot for another Zooz device to act as a scene controller. Then program it to turn on your smart bulbs! You'll always need a separate wire to control another load from this device. It won't split the signal for you if you currently have a single switch controlling 2 things at the same time (like the motor and light in your fan).

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Just a Few Ideas

We love hearing about all the creative ways you're automating with your Double Switches. It turns out, there's a good spot for it in every room!

zen30 bathroom

Bedroom / Bathroom Fan & Light Combo

Finally put the light in your fan on a dimmer and get wireless on/off control of the motor to run it only when needed. The relay provides no speed control but works great with both ceiling and exhaust fans.

zen30 living room

Living Room / Hallway Receptacle & Remote Control

The dry contact relay on your Double Switch can be safely connected to a switched wall receptacle for instant Z-Wave control over your corner lamp. Then program the dimmer part to turn on or dim your smart bulbs.

zen30 kitchen

Kitchen / Garage Two Sets of Lights

Add Z-Wave to lighting fixtures previously operated by two different switches. Choose the lights you'd like to adjust brightness for and connect your large shop lights to the relay for basic on/off control. Simple!

You asked for it

We created the first Z-Wave in-wall replacement for a stacked double switch based on your requests. We equipped it with the smart bulb mode and scene control features. We cut down on the size, getting rid of the side tabs and making the back slimmer. We added a night light mode to the dimmer and made the switch more customizable than ever with adjustable RGBW LED indicators. Just because you asked.

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