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Smart Plug MODEL ZEN06 VER. 2.0

Simple, Intuitive, Smart

Add this Z-Wave Plus plug to your hub and enjoy remote control of your lamps and small appliances. Automate, schedule, and turn it on/off on demand where you'd like to better manage energy and save on bills.

The plug is easy to set up and a perfect companion for floor lamps or entertainment equipment (up to 15A total). If your hub supports Amazon Echo, just ask Alexa to turn the light on.

It's in the details Highlights

This plug is not just an on/off device. It comes with bonus features that will make your life easier.

Auto Inclusion

Simply put your hub into pairing mode and plug in the ZEN06 to add it.

2 USB Ports

Charge your favorite devices via USB (no Z-Wave functionality).

Power Meter

Monitor energy use live and over time, including W and kWh readings.

Range Extender

Get more signal and faster communication from the built-in repeater.

Real Reviews You Said It

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Track power draw in your app or check energy use at a glance with the LED ring. It changes colors based on the reported Watts at any given moment. You can use it as a range tester to diagnose connectivity issues. The LED indicator also displays communication status with the hub. It serves as a great night light too!

You asked for it

We included a new LED indicator mode to keep the LED off when the plug is off. We added an option to switch between LED indicator modes by tapping the Z-Wave button 6 times quickly (no need to go to advanced parameters). We introduced a setting to disable manual control. Just because you asked.

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