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S2 Power Strip MODEL ZEN20 VER. 2.0

Complete Control Power Up on Your Terms

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Wireless Control

Turn the outlets on and off individually or all together via Z-Wave.

Energy Monitoring

Makes smart power management easier and helps save on electricity bills.

Built-in Timer

Program any outlet to automatically turn on or off after a set period of time.

Range Extender

Signal repeater will make your network stronger.

OTA Updates

Upgrade your device with the latest firmware over-the-air.

S2 Security

Keep your smart home private and locked with the latest security protocol.


The Ultimate Power Station Control each connected device individually or all together, monitor USB charging ports, and track power use.


Smarter Mounting Quick & Adjustable Installation

See how easy it is to install the Power Strip in the spot you need it most.

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Flat & Angled A Plug that Fits Anywhere

The plug is designed to fit any standard U.S. receptacle at a 45-degree angle. It's perfect for outlets behind furniture or in-cabinet installations.

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Flexible Mount Hang it on the Wall

You like to keep your space organized, we get it. Now you can hang the Power Strip under your desk or fix it to the wall to avoid wire clutter.

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2 Strips, 1 Receptacle 2-in-1 Fit

You can easily connect 2 Power Strips to a single receptacle and build the Z-Wave power station you always wanted. Without breaking the bank.

You asked for it

We added energy monitoring and status recovery after power failure for each outlet. We included an angled plug and put mounting holes on the back cover so you can finally hang it on the wall. We introduced a setting to disable manual control. Just because you asked.

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Complete Control

Disable manual control if you don't want your cat messing with the fish tank gear when you're not watching. Decide if your Power Strip should restore status after power failure, keep the devices off, or force them to come on.

Overload Protection

The Power Strip will automatically shut off if total power draw exceeds 1800 Watts. You can lower the limit to to prevent high energy use in peak times.

ETL certification

ETL, just like UL, is a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory. The ETL mark is proof of product compliance with North American safety standards.

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