4-IN-1 SENSOR 700

Zooz 700 Series Z-Wave Plus 4-in-1 Sensor ZSE40 700
700 Series Chip
Enjoy more range and quicker reports with the same great features of your favorite sensor.
S2 Security
This sensor is equipped with a unique QR code and PIN to identify as an S2 authenticated device in the system.
5 Year Warranty
You have the option to get the sensor serviced or replaced if it fails within the first 5 years.
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Get notified when you're away or automate lighting. This sensor can detect motion up to 40 feet and provides instant alerts to your hub.


Monitor every room for smarter climate control. You decide how frequent and detailed the reporting is to make the most out of your sensor.


Prioritize air quality to better serve the health of your family. Prevent dry air with automated rules. Trigger fans or dehumidifiers to avoid excess moisture.


Make sure lights don't turn on if it's bright enough. Incorporating a brightness sensor to your smart lighting routines will help you streamline energy use.

Reliable Reporting

We’ve been working on this sensor for many years, introducing new features to optimize its performance and firmware updates that added new functionality. This latest version is the best fusion of the latest components and polished software.

The 700 series chip boosts by 50% compared to the 500 series which reduces the amount of repeaters the device needs to communicate with the hub. That makes it report even faster with fewer lags or skipped messages.

Just scan the QR code inside of the battery cover of the sensor to add it to your hub easily, using the innovative SmartStart method. As usual, we recommend that you verify if your Z-Wave system supports this product before purchasing.

Flexible Placement

For best results, mount the sensor within 30 feet from the door and around 7 feet from the ground. Keep in mind that this model is only rated for indoor use.

In room corner, on the wall, or ceiling – install the sensor where you most need it. The device will easily blend in with any interior to discreetly monitor its environment. Motion detection area is covered within 40 feet of the sensor.

Use the supplied mounting bracket or simply fix the sensor to flat surface with a piece of adhesive. Mounting screws and tape are included in the box with detailed instructions for your convenience.

Number One

There’s a reason this is one of our most popular devices. It’s meant to be used primarily as a security sensor with quick and reliable motion reports. As it turns out, this feature is the most important part of  a multisensor to most users.

We were thrilled to find that the 4-in-1 sensor came in first among multisensors in this comparison of detection time for the most popular Z-Wave devices. It’s a great resource if you’re researching a reliable motion sensor for your SmartThings hub. Make sure to browse other informative videos from the DIY Smart Home Guy on YouTube.

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