Zooz Z-Wave Plus Outdoor Motion Sensor ZSE29
Quick & Reliable
With a good size lens, it can detect motion up to 30 feet.
Outdoor Housing
The sensor is IP44 rated and can be safely used outside.
Easy to Install
All it takes is a couple of screws and auto-inclusion to the hub.
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This Zooz device supports battery or USB power

USB & Battery Power

We know that batteries aren't for everyone, so we added an option to power the device with micro USB. Choose the power source that works for you.

This Zooz device supports S2 Security

S2 Security

This device is equipped with the highest level of S2 security for a safer network and encrypted signal communication.


Z-Wave Plus certified and SmartStart ready, the sensor comes with its unique QR code and PIN for authentication.

This Zooz device supports advanced settings

Adjustable Settings

Program just the right lux trigger and motion clear reports for your scenario. Motion sensitivity is adjustable too, as long as your hub supports parameter access.

Go Outside

Finally! You’ve been asking for a true outdoor Z-Wave motion sensor long enough. This is a simple detector you can depend on for both security and automation.

Mount it on a clean flat surface, add it to your Z-Wave hub, and program notifications for unexpected activity. Use these reports to automate lights, sirens, or even sprinklers to scare off an intruder.

The sensor also monitors brightness levels to help you fine tune your smart lighting schedules. You’ll be able to customize its behavior and performance as long as your hub grants you the access to advanced settings. Please take a look at the compatibility list below before purchasing.

Smarter Outdoor Lights

Automate outdoor lighting by pairing your motion sensor with any switch or dimmer from our portfolio. Ensure a clear pathway to the front door or garage after dark.

Add the sensor and the light switch of your choice to the hub using the convenient SmartStart method (just scan the QR code). Then create a smart rule for the lights to come on whenever motion is detected in front of the garage or at the back door. It’s that simple!

Depending on your hub’s capabilities, you will be able to create sophisticated scenarios to create the perfect motion-based rules for your daily routine.

A Closer Look

Watch the sensor in action on the SmartThings app in this helpful set-up video. You get a walk through of the most important functionality of the device, including installation tips.

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If you have any product ideas or would like to see more features added to this sensor, just ask!

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