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Double Plug MODEL ZEN25

2 Outlets, 1 USB Port

The Double Plug works great as a low profile on/off device for a couple of lamps or small appliances (10A total between both outlets). But it can serve as a smart power monitor, a signal tester, or extender as well. It's fast, it's secure, and it's small.

As always, we've included a bunch of useful settings for you to customize the plug so you get the most of it. There is a built-in timer for remote reboots of connected devices or the option to turn off manual control. But if you find anything missing, just let us know and we'll add it!

zen25 double plug
Overload Protection

If the devices connected to the Double Plug exceed a total of 10A, the plug will turn off. It will also remember and restore the previous on/off status after power failure.

ETL Certified

ETL, similar to UL, is a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory. The ETL mark is proof of product compliance to North American safety standards.

S2 Security

The latest standard in Z-Wave technology ensures your smart home is safely locked and private. Your hub needs to support S2 for this feature to be enabled.

There's More

This little plug doesn't just give you fast and reliable on / off control. It's everything you're looking for in advanced Z-Wave functionality.

zen25 energy monitoring

Save Energy Monitoring

The Double plug sends separate power reports for each of the 2 outlets, as well as combined data for both connected devices. You can check the Voltage, Amps, Watts, and kWh for combined use. The LED rings also display current power draw in real time by changing colors, whenever a connected device is on.

range test tool

Troubleshoot Range Test Tool

Just press and hold the Z-Wave button for 6 seconds and enter the signal test mode to easily check if the plug is within your network's range. Its smart LED rings will light up in green, orange, or red depending on how strong the signal is at the location you're testing.

signal repeater

Extend Signal Repeater

Once the Double Plug is included to your network, it starts routing communication in your Z-Wave mesh and acts as a powerful Z-Wave Plus range extender. Whether you need a permanent or temporary boost, you can easily move the plug to a receptacle in the are that needs more coverage and you're set!

2 in one fit

2-IN-1 FIT

Meet the first Z-Wave double plug with a compact design that allows to have 2 of them in the same receptacle. It's small enough to fit behind furniture or over a bulkier power supply. Save space, save energy, and save money!

usb charging port

USB Charger

So how does this work? Just plug your tablet or headphones into the USB port and start charging them. The USB device in your Z-Wave interface will report ON, meaning the devices is charging. It will send another report that it's OFF once the connected device is fully charged. It's best to turn the charging device off before plugging it in so it doesn't send multiple reports after being fully charged the first time. You'll need to set up notifications in your hub to receive a text or email once the connected devices are done charging.

Questions? Just ask!