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Simply Universal

Keep the classic look of toggle switches while adding the latest technology to your lights. Wireless control through Z-Wave guarantees fast and reliable performance of your smart home.

These smart switches are easy to install and pair with your hub. They're compatible with all open Z-Wave systems. Get step-by-step inclusion guides and wiring diagrams in the support portal.

UL Listed

Compliant with North American safety standards.

Z-Wave Plus

Certified firmware and documentation.

Quick Support

Get in touch anytime, we'll help!

Smart Features Because you don't need to settle for less.

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Direct 3-Way

Connects to regular on/off switches, no expensive add-ons.

Power Recovery

The switch automatically restores on/off status after power failure.

Signal Repeater

Built-in extender boosts Z-Wave range.

Instant Status

Updates the hub right away if someone turns the light on/off from the switch.

Z-Wave Plus

Get more bandwidth and less latency with the 500 series chip.

More Settings

We add new features with every production run.


Fits All Standard Boxes

The ZEN23 and ZEN24 toggle switches will easily fit your regular switch box. If you have multiple switches next to one another, you may need to remove the heat sink tabs on the side. Remember that this will affect the maximum Wattage rating for the dimmers.

You asked for it

We included a neutral jumper and short wall plate screws in the box. We simplified the wiring instructions for 3-way and 4-way installations. We added a faster option for the ramp rate of the dimmer. Just because you asked.

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